Amanvermez Avni


Pinhane Proudly Presents Its First Game: Amanvermez Avni

Constantinople’s famous inspector plans to retire somewhere south and enjoys the rest of his time with his plants. The only obstacle ahead is the Sultan’s orders which enforce him to hire a task force whom can be relied after the retirement of Amanvermez Avni.

Who is Amanvermez Avni?

Amanvermez Avni who does the unthinkable when it comes to solve a case such as working in a flour factory for 10 days, gets beaten up by the thugs of Constantinople, gets thrown out to Bosporus but never gives up, never quits. Avni is the first modern detective who achieved to solve the greatest mysteries’ of his time in Ottoman Empire. He is believed to be born in 1870s in the Abdulhamid the Second’s Era as narrated by Ebussureyya Sami. His experiences and cases were novelized in the same way with his contemporary colleague Sherlock.


Total fee per game

2 Person 100 TL

3 person 120 TL

4 person 140 TL

5 person 150 TL

Not: Defined fees are per game, not per person.

14.08.2017 - 20.08.2017

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Main Rules

Elapsed time

1 Hour.

Number of People

Min 2 Max 5.


There are no puzzles that require being broken in order to be solved. Please do not try turn this into a SmacDown contest.

Food and Beverage

Please keep in mind that you will not be allowed to eat, drink or use the bathroom during the game.


Any type of recording inside the game is not allowed. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of things to take a photo with at the end of the game.

Age Limit

Those who are under 15 can only play with the assistance of a parent.

5 Minute Rule

Since your time will start at the reservation hour (not the hour you show up) please try to arrive 5 minutes earlier.

Credit Card

Not available at the moment.



Adres: Billurcu Sok. Ocaklı Han No:5 Daire:3 Taksim

Description: Pass the doner buffets in Taksim Square and keep walking to the Cihangir. At the first crossroads, take the road on the right and keep walking. You will see it next to Pizeria Trio..

Phone: 0539 978 50 19